Worth The Splurge: J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket

J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket

J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket ($148)

I don’t even have the words to describe how awesome this jacket is.  It has the perfect combination of masculinity and femininity.  One word: chic.  It’s been spotted on just about every show and every celebrity; Spencer in Pretty Little Liars wore it, heck, Michelle Obama even has it.  It’s absolutely exciting seeing things you own be worn on famous people.  I actually first spotted it on one of my favorite Youtubers, Carly Cristman.  After I saw her wearing it, I knew instantly that I needed to have it (happens quite often with her).  Soon after, I went to J.Crew and bought it in mossy brown during their 25% off store wide event in early November 2012.  I tried it on in S and XS and ultimately went with XS for the waist definition.  I can’t wear it zipped up, only partially zipped because I’ve got big titty problems and I can’t wear thick sweaters underneath because my shoulders are a bit wide.  Basically, I should have gotten a S instead, but the XS fits fine.  With that said, this is still one of the most versatile pieces on my closet and has become an absolute staple.  I’ve honest to god been wearing this jacket every single day for the last 3 months.  Every single day.  I know it’s summer, but I work in an office full-time and let me tell you, my hands are purple half the time.

This jacket is actually made of cotton canvas with resin coating on top for water resistance.  It comes in 2 colors, mossy brown and deep navy.  The gold snap buttons are truly an eye-catching detail and totally makes this masculine military inspired jacket more feminine.  Since it’s kinda boxy, there’s adjustable waist tabs on the side to help cinch in the waist to give a more hourglass shape.  After 3 months of abuse, I’ve made some nice distressing on the jacket.  The resin coating has come off in certain places, giving it some nice distressed lines.  The buttons are no longer completely gold, they’re peaking silver which isn’t unexpected.  If you didn’t know that this wasn’t made as a distressed jacket, you wouldn’t even have guessed.

I do believe this jacket is no longer sold in stores, but is still available online and through the catalog.  There’s generally free shipping $100-$125+ orders and there’s free exchanges.  You can also go to a store and have them order it for you, there’s always free shipping if you do that.

There is a J.Crew Factory version of this jacket that looks exactly the same, it’s called the Relaxed Boyfriend Jacket which I want to say retails for $130-$148.  It’s not online, I’m not sure if they still sell it, but if you are looking to buy this jacket, I would say to still buy the J.Crew retail version.  There’s a big difference between factory and retail items, even those that are of the same design.  Factory items are lower quality, the material is cheaper, lighter, and the stitching isn’t spot on.  For the small difference in price, I would totally buy the retail version.

However, if you can fit into kids sizes and like the idea of a hood, try this!  It’s $20 cheaper than the adult version, but only comes in mossy brown. 22060_WB1325

And for those of you that are can’t fork over $100 for a jacket, try eBay!  I just bought it in deep navy, brand new for $80!  FYI, the J.Crew retail version has a completely sewn in tag vs. J.Crew factory version has a printed on tag.  Some of the eBay sellers don’t really know exactly what they’re selling.

Update: I bought the deep navy in a size S and I’ve got to say, I’M SWIMMING IN IT!  It’s been 9 months since I tried the small and my memory just didn’t serve me right.  The sleeves are too long and the shoulders are too wide.  The only thing that fits is my boobs.  What a great compromise. This is the story of my life.